for international specialists from any field so as to ensure their visit to Kazakhstan is a success
GVGroup Kazakhstan
is your reliable agent in the field of labor migration
We operate swiftly and effectively!
Over 20 years on the market
We have helped
over 10,000 specialists
Among our clients are organizations with over 5,000 employees, more than 100 of whom are foreign nationals
We provide services to more than 100 organizations working with foreign specialists
We operate in all regions of Kazakhstan
Our client list includes mining and oil industry firms, pharmaceutical and IT companies, banks, education centers, automobile distributors, and many more
Work permit
  • Work permit procurement
  • Work permit renewal
  • Work permit reissue
  • Kazakhstan visas
  • Visa renewal
  • Notification of arrival of foreign citizens
  • Temporary Residence Permit procurement
  • Residence Permit procurement
  • Apostilization and leagalization of documents in Kazakhstan
  • Text translation and notarization
Visas we specialize in:
A5 — for investment activity
B1 — for participation in international events

B2 — to provide audit, consulting or maintenance services

B3 — for negotiations and contracting purposes
C3 — for employment purposes

C5 — for establishing a business
Visa for permanent residence in the Republic of Kazakhstan
B8 — for Residence Permit procurement
Let’s start with the consultation process!
Thanks to the consultation you will learn:
How the process of obtaining required permits and visas proceeds
The purpose of each document and item of information we request
The necessary actions the foreign national and the inviting party should undertake in the future
The consequences you may face in the event that these actions are not undertaken correctly and in a timely manner
Based on the information provided, we prepare the package of application documents and a written justification outlining the need to employ the foreign professional
The application is sent to the relevant government agency
Applications are reviewed by a commission that meets weekly
We inform the client of the commission’s decision
The work permit fee is paid*
*The fee varies depending on the organization’s type of business and the employee’s position; the amount ranges between 137 and 250 MCIs (Monthly Calculation Indices)
The applicant receives the work permit
in 6 steps
We obtain work permits for international specialists
We prepare the visa application letter
We request information from the client about the inviting organization and the visiting foreign national
The application is reviewed by a commission, which takes between 5 working days and 10 calendar days to reach a decision
The application is sent to the Migration Service
The visa is glued into the applicant’s passport
in the Republic of Kazakhstan
If the foreign national is to receive the visa while
We prepare a letter of invitation for the visa
We request from the client information about the inviting organization and the visiting foreign national
The application is reviewed by a commission, which takes between 5 and 30 calendar days to reach a decision
while abroad
We receive a visa support code from the Migration Service, which we scan and send to the applicant
If the foreign national is to receive the visa
The application is sent to the Migration Service
The applicant visits the Embassy of Kazakhstan with the code and all other required documents
The visa is glued into the applicant’s passport
Feedback from our clients
  • Our company frequently employs international specialists. When selecting a contractor to obtain work permits and visas for prospective employees, we decided to opt for GVGroup Kazakhstan, because we had heard a lot about the professionalism with which they tackle any issues related to foreign workers in Kazakhstan. We were also impressed by the vast experience the firm has in their field.

    Our cooperation with GVGroup has made my work as HR manager considerably easier. The company took over a substantial part of my duties regarding foreign employees – in particular dealing with all issues related to work permits. As a manager, I value such assistance.

    G.M. Shamakhova
    HR Manager
  • For many years now we have been working with GVGroup for the purposes of obtaining and renewing work permits and work visas.

    What Deloitte values above all is work that is swift and of superior quality. Working in highly dynamic conditions, where we often require a service to be provided quickly without sacrificing quality, we always turn to GVGroup, since throughout the years of our collaboration they have time and time again proven themselves to be true professionals.

    We recommend GVGroup to all organizations with a large international workforce.

    Aigul Abdiyeva
    HR Business Partner
  • The Kazakh-British education center M&K has been collaborating with GVGroup Kazakhstan for many years, and our experience has been wholly positive. It must be noted that GVGroup have always delivered results consistently and in a timely manner, routinely respected and honored agreements, and easily adjusted to meet the client’s needs, demonstrating flexibility and an individual approach to every application.

    While providing services for obtaining work permits and visas, the GVGroup specialists have proven themselves through their highly professional approach, quality results, and effectively organized work processes. We wholeheartedly recommend GVGroup Kazakstan for services in the field of migration.

    Aigul Kaldybayeva
    General Director
  • FoodMaster-Trade has been successfully working together with GVGroup Kazakhstan for more than ten years.

    Throughout our collaboration, GVGroup has proven to be a responsible and trustworthy partner, reliably providing services for obtaining work permits and visas.

    GVGroup always fulfill their responsibilities fully and according to schedule.

    The staff’s professionalism and individual approach to clients have become the basis for a long and fruitful partnership.

    We are certain that GVGroup Kazakhstan will remain our effective and reliable business partner.

    E.V. Savchenko
    HR Director
Organizations that rely on us
Dear clients and partners!
We often remedy even the most difficult situations, managing to accomplish the impossible in order to resolve our clients’ issues and keep them satisfied.

We are experts at tackling uncommon and complex issues, which frequently arise in the field of migration services.

The up-to-date information and qualified assistance provided by GVGroup Kazakhstan has already enabled our clients to employ hundreds of international specialists.
We’ll be delighted to begin working together!
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